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Cast precautions In Club Foot

Cast precautions In Club Foot

  • It is very important to keep the plasters dry. Do not let the cast be soaked with urine.A plaster that gets wet accidentally must be dried by blowing COLD air by a hair drier onto the wet area. (DO NOT BLOW HOT AIR AS THAT CAN DAMAGE THE SKIN OF THE BABY). A wet cast causes a rash.  Sometimes the rash can become so severe that casting has to be abandoned. 
  • Keep an eye on the toes of the baby. The toes should always be pink in color. Persistent Blue or white discoloration, or marked swelling of the toes, indicates that there is internal swelling of the leg, or that the cast is too tight. Usually, this is accompanied by excessive crying. If this happens, you will need to inform our staff and then remove the plaster at home. You can always bring the baby in next day for a new cast.
  • Sometimes, the baby cries excessively at home after the cast has been applied. This can be because the cast can cause an area of excessive pressure on the skin. In this case, the baby will become uncomfortable and may be in pain. If the crying persists for more than 2 hours, let us know and you may need to remove the cast at home. You can always bring the baby in next day for a new cast.
  • The cast can also slip down. This becomes evident when the toes become less visible as they slip into the cast. Sometimes, the toes completely disappear into the cast. If this happens, inform us immediately and remove the cast. A cast that has slipped down can damage the skin resulting in a pressure sore.

How do I remove the cast at home?

Take a medium sized basin and fill up to halfway with warm water. The water should be at the same temperature as used for bathing a baby. 

Add 2 cups of white vinegar to the water.

Hold the baby in your lap with legs sticking out over the basin. Keep pouring the basin water over the casts for 10 minutes. The cast will get soft. 

Pluck off the rounded cast end and unwrap like a bandage, pouring more water over drier inside portions as they get exposed.

Wash the legs with soap and water and dry.

Apply a little baby oil to the leg and spread evenly over the skin.

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