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How to care for the Hip spica cast

How to care for the Hip spica cast

How to care for the Hip spica cast
Your child has had an operation or an injury and now needs a hip spica body cast. The hip spica cast is used to keep your child’s hips and legs from moving. This information will help you care for your child in the Spica Cast.

Parents, please make every effort to keep your child’s cast clinic appointment. If you miss the appointment, and the treatment is delayed, your child may have to wear the cast longer.

Cast Care

  • The cast should remain dry, so the child’s skin remains free of sores and rashes. A special, thin lining (Gore-tex) prevents urine and stool from soaking into the cast padding.
  • Use tape to “petal” the edges-to keep the edges dry and clean
  • Use a flashlight to check the skin under the edges of the cast for reddened areas, blisters or rash.
  • Check the cast daily for cracks, dents or change between the skin and cast.
  • Prevent small objects (coins, toys, crumbs) from getting down into the cast, use a bib or t-shirt to cover the cast.
  • Wipe any soiling from the cast, liner or edges.
  • If the “tape petals” become soiled or begin to “roll off” the cast edge, call the Clinic and speak with a cast technician or nurse.


  • Do not lift your child by the support bar between the legs
  • Do not use lotions or powders on the skin unless instructed
  • Do not place the diaper over the cast, urine from the diaper will soak into the cast and cause odor and soften the cast.
  • Do not allow your child to stick any sharp objects (coat hangers, knitting needles, and pencils) under the cast.