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Exercises for CTEV

Exercises for CTEV

Clubfoot or CTEV is one of the most common Paediatric Orthopaedic problems in child. It can be corrected easily with serial plaster technique. Treatment of Clubfoot should be started as early as possible from first week of life (first day of life).

Manipulation or stretching exercises are very effective and necessary for treatment of Clubfoot or CTEV.
Correct way of doing exercises and frequency of doing exercises is very important. Exercises should be continued for long time even Correction of Clubfoot has been achieved for proper maintenance.

Ankle Dorsiflexion

Starting position: Lay child on back.

Place one hand on your baby's flexed knee.  Grasp your baby's foot with the palm of your other hand placing your index finger above the heel.  Now you can gently flex the ankle up and extend it down.

Motion: Pull heel down and bend ankle as much as possible.

Ankle Inversion and Eversion

Starting position: Lay child on back.

Hand placement:  Stabilize with one hand on leg just above the ankle.

Motion:  At the base of the big toe use other hand to turn foot in.

Motion:  Stretch forefoot out.